In all the excitement we forgot to post!Β 

Chandler is an accurate representation not only of how we've been since Worse For Wear went live at midnight, but how we've been waiting to share this with you all for the last few months.

So much work has gone into making this happen, not only from us, but from all the people who helped us this year. Huge thanks to: Greg from Sound Shack Studios for making us sound so good; Ratheka Patel and Ben Arthur for their help with the photoshoot for the artwork, not to mention Barbi Hack for her work on the physical CD (if you know you know); Tom Morgan Photo for his fantastic band shots; Alex (and Char) for all their hard work on our website and making the physical CDs a reality; Chris at Screamlite Records for sorting out all the distribution and for sharing his knowledge; Joe from Death is a Girl for taking a chance on us and getting us on our first gig; Tyrana Patterson's Art and Lynsey Whiteside for both providing us with fantastic logos; our friends, families and partners for their understanding and support; all the great bands and artists we've had the pleasure of sharing a stage with this year; and last but not least, everyone who came out to a show or sent us messages of support, and especially thank you to our show regulars and our FOTMs throughout the year who have gone above and beyond what we could have possibly expected.

This has been an incredible year for us and we have achieved so much as a band, but this is just the beginning! So please continue to support us, continue to like and comment on our posts, engage with us, get yourselves to our gigs - it means more to us than you’ll ever know! πŸ™ŒπŸ»β€

- DNO πŸ©πŸ¦–πŸ₯‘